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IMvision Dental and the Future of AI in Dentistry Revealed with Dental Surgeon, Dr. Dexter Mattox


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March 8, 2024

IMvision Dental and the Future of AI in Dentistry Revealed with Dental Surgeon, Dr. Dexter Mattox

What if AI in dentistry could make the management of dental implant procedures much easier?

Today, I’m sharing a solution with you. 

This episode features Dr. Dexter Mattox, the brain behind IMvision Dental, a cloud-based implant tracking platform that's setting new standards in dental technology.

Dexter, an oral surgeon with a passion for tech, has leveraged his expertise to tackle one of the dental industry's biggest challenges: streamlining the complex workflow of dental implants. He’s here to share how IMvision is designed to automate and optimize processes so that the practice can focus on patient care

Dexter also explains how IMvision acts as a practical tool for improving communication within dental teams, with labs, and most importantly, with referring doctors. 

We also chat about:

  • The future of AI in dentistry.
  • The importance of effective implementation of technology in dental practices. 
  • Dexter’s passion for technology and educational content.

Dexter’s valuable insights on the intersection of machine learning, automation, and dental implant coordination are sure to be of use to other dental implant professionals.

Tune in if you’re ready to streamline your dental implant practice’s operations.

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Dexter's Path To Creating IMvision Dental (01:37)

What IMvision Dental Does (05:00)

Implementing Technology Effectively in Dental Practices (07:27)

The Evolving Role of AI in Dentistry (12:23)

Automated Implant Coordination With AI (16:53)

Dexter's Educational Content (23:03)

Quick Q&A With Dexter (24:57)

Additional Resources:

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