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You Thought You Would Be Happy When…: Tarryn MacCarthy’s Take on Redefining Success & Happiness for Healthcare Professionals



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April 5, 2024

You Thought You Would Be Happy When…: Tarryn MacCarthy’s Take on Redefining Success & Happiness for Healthcare Professionals

They said success would make us happy. They were wrong. Let's find out what truly matters.

Healthcare professionals are often caught in the pursuit of success at the expense of their well-being, often leading to burnout or disenchantment with their jobs.

Today’s episode redefines what true success and happiness look like with the guest Tarryn MacCarthy, an orthodontist and transformational mindset and happiness coach for healthcare professionals.

We start by exploring Tarryn's journey to finding happiness and professional success on her own terms. She shares what drove her to coach others on the importance of nervous system regulation and finding happiness within.

We discuss why happiness, not success, should be everyone’s starting point. Tarryn makes the point that ultimate success is impossible without taking personal responsibility for our own happiness first, debunking the myth that success naturally leads to happiness.

Tarryn also shares:

  • The work she does with The Business of Happiness
  • The power of taking personal responsibility for your happiness.
  • How happiness impacts personal as well as professional performance.
  • The importance of nervous system regulation for being a better leader.

Tune in and join us as we challenge the status quo of success. 

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Dr. Tarryn Maccarthy & the Business of Happiness (01:47)

Dr. Tarryn’s Take On Success & Nervous System Regulation (09:04)

Nervous System Regulation as a Key Component of Business Growth (19:07)

Who Is Responsible for Your Happiness? (26:06)

Suggestions for Nervous System Regulation (28:25)

Lightning Round Q&A With Tarryn (33:32)

Additional Resources:

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