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Why Media Endorsements Are Gold for Dentists & How To Use Them To Maximize Your Brand | Christine Haas



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May 10, 2024

Why Media Endorsements Are Gold for Dentists & How To Use Them To Maximize Your Brand | Christine Haas

If you feel like your dental practice needs a reputation boost, you should consider leveraging media appearances.  But how exactly do you go about that? And what makes a good story? 

In this episode, I’ve invited media guru and branding expert Christine Haas, CEO of Haas Media and founder of The AI Newsroom. She spent 15 years out of her celebrated career in broadcast journalism, winning multiple industry accolades, including Emmys and Associated Press Awards.

Christine now helps hundreds of business leaders clarify their brand message, conducts media crisis training for corporate executives, and secures media placements to help clients build credibility in their industry to drive revenue.

She’s sharing her unparalleled expertise with me today to share how dental practices can use media exposure to stand out in this competitive market. She shares invaluable strategies for getting your practice featured in news outlets, creating a perception of authority and expertise that attracts and retains patients.

Christine also shares:

  • Why media is important for your brand.
  • Pointers on what makes a good media pitch, especially for dental practices.
  • The role of AI in today’s marketing and how it can streamline operations. 

Tune in to learn the secrets to crafting stories that attract both news outlets and potential patients with Christine Haas.

Key Takeaways:

Meet The Media Expert, Christine Haas (00:00)

Why Is Media Important for Your Brand? (06:45)

Getting On TV To Promote Your Brand & Christine’s Approach (11:37)

What Makes A Good Media Pitch (22:44)

Training Dentists & Their Teams To Pitch Stories (25:37)

Lightning Round Q&A With Christine (31:20)

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