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Why Leading Clear Aligners Provider Candid Shut Down Their D2C Business Model


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March 25, 2022

Why Leading Clear Aligners Provider Candid Shut Down Their D2C Business Model

Candid, a pioneering clear aligners provider, just closed all their 40+ studios and folded the D2C side of the business. What prompted the team to make this bullish resolution?

Nick Greenfield, CEO at Candid, joins me today to discuss the factors behind this decision and why he believes strategic B2B is the way of the future.

We also discuss the benefits CandidPro offers to patients and practice owners, plus some of the misconceptions and ideas around Candid and what CandidPro can bring to the table. 

For example, from a profitability standpoint, CandidPro can be much more profitable in your practice than any other clear aligner solution. 

Their remote monitoring technology allows you to provide a lower-cost solution in your practice since patients won't need to visit as often. Moreover, removing that extra chair time can also dramatically increase case acceptance.

My second guest is renowned dentist Dr. Ben Miraglia. He shares his personal experience joining CandidPro and how the company has provided him with a level of control and quality unlike anything else on the market. 

We talk about the oncoming shift from D2C to B2B, plus some tips on evolving as a business and meeting your customers where they're at.

Tune in now to find out more!

Key Takeaways 

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Nick's and Dr. Miraglia's background (02:15)
  • What sets Candid apart from the competition (08:18)
  • Why dentists should consider becoming CandidPro providers (11:48)
  • How the onboarding process works for dentists (27:56)
  • How to become a CandidPro provider (37:30)

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