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Video Is Breakthrough Marketing: How Video Testimonials Can Take Your Practice to the Next Level With Fred Joyal


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October 20, 2023

Video Is Breakthrough Marketing: How Video Testimonials Can Take Your Practice to the Next Level With Fred Joyal

Growing your practice is not always easy; it takes a lot of work, effort, and a great marketing strategy that differentiates you from the crowd.

But with the right tools, anything is possible.

And there is no tool more efficient at getting you new patients than video. More specifically, video testimonials.

You see, most prospective patients don’t know much about dentistry. They don’t want to read long, technical blogs on your website or look at stock photos of dentists doing their job.

What they want is to hear from other patients. They want to know their opinions, because they always trust existing customers more.

This is where video testimonials come into play. Through them, you can show prospective patients the type and quality of care they will receive in your practice. 

Most importantly, through video testimonials, you can share with them what makes you, your team, and your services unique. 

Suffice to say, patient videos are the breakthrough in practice marketing that we've been waiting for.

However, many practices are still stumbling and missing out on the savings in marketing spend and the quality of patients that can be attracted when maximizing video testimonials.

And today, I’m here to change that!

To do so, I’ve invited an expert on the podcast.

His name is Fred Joyal, and he is a dental marketing expert and the CEO of TruBlu Social Smiles, a company that helps their clients get their video reviews out to the masses.

In this episode, Fred will be discussing the importance of making video testimonials part of your overall marketing strategy, the value of SEO, the right platforms to post your video content, and more. 

Are you ready to learn?

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways: 

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Fred (00:36)

Where you should post your video testimonials (10:19)

The value of SEO (14:19)

How to use video testimonials during case presentations (17:49)

How to ask your patients to make video testimonials (22:07)

Time for our Q&A (26:38)

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