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Unleash The Power Of Efficiency With This Game-Changing Dental Software


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February 24, 2023

Unleash The Power Of Efficiency With This Game-Changing Dental Software

With so many dental practice management software options in the market, finding the one that better works for your dental practice can be overwhelming. But if what you want is to streamline your workflow and enhance the patient experience, I've got the perfect solution!

Rania Saleh, DDS, is a leader and entrepreneur in dentistry. She is the Founder and President of Oryx Dental, a management platform that offers patient engagement tools, evidence-based clinical modules, automated risk assessment & diagnosis, billing & advanced reporting.

Since all the IT infrastructure is cloud-based, you can ensure that your data is secure, backed up, and easy to access. You also save much money by not having to run your own IT infrastructure. 

Yet the feature that makes Oryx stand out from other cloud-based dental practice management software is their focus on offering a highly personalized patient experience. 

For example, the platform has an app that takes the patient's photos, uploads them to the cloud, and does an exam in about seven minutes. Once the exam is ready, the patient gets a fully customized report with the details in four different categories.

Dentists who use the platform have reported a significant increase in case acceptance, presentation, and referrals. After switching to Oryx, some even went from collecting $750,000 a month to 1.6 5 million!

These features make Oryx Dental a fantastic choice for dentists looking to upgrade their practice management software and boost practice growth.

If you want to find out more, don't miss this week's episode of 'The Raving Patients Podcast!'

Rania joins me to discuss everything you need to know about Oryx Dental: why it's such a game-changing platform in the industry, more of the platform's impressive features, and how you can get started. 

We also discuss the benefits of evidence-based dentistry, the standardization of dental care, and much more!

Key Takeaways 

  • Unleash the power of efficiency with this game-changing dental software (00:00)
  • Rania's background and why she decided to create Oryx Dental (02:51)
  • What makes Oryx a different platform from other cloud platforms? (11:03)
  • The importance of putting the patient first in the experience (14:03)
  • Feedback from patients who use the platform (24:25)
  • How Oryx's onboarding process works (28:26)
  • Lightning round Q&A (30:28)

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