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The Top 3 Dental Companies All Dentists Should Know in 2022


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May 13, 2022

The Top 3 Dental Companies All Dentists Should Know in 2022

One of the best ways to grow your practice is to leverage the latest tools and services that innovative startups are putting forward in the dental space.

Today, I welcome Alice Limkakeng, Michael Infanger, and Jinesh Patel to discuss how their startups are revolutionizing the dental industry and how they can help you grow your practice in 2022.

Alice is the CEO of Sleep Architects Inc, a company that has developed a new therapy line to treat obstructive sleep apnea. 

The disease significantly affects the patient's sleep quality and can even be fatal if untreated.  However, traditional CPAP therapy isn't working for countless patients; it has many side effects and is very uncomfortable. 

Alice learned that dentists could treat obstructive sleep apnea with highly engineered mouthguard devices.  In contrast to CPAP treatment, these devices are comfortable, convenient, and effective.

When Alice discovered that pretreatment workflow is what dentists have trouble with the most, she decided to create a digital platform to enable the dental practice to work along with the medical side, focusing on treating patients without all the other hurdles they were struggling with before.

Michael is the founder and president of VERENA solutions, a safety platform disrupting the dental field through an array of high-quality products and innovative software services that advance care delivery. 

You enter a subscription service, and all the items your practice needs are delivered once a month, seamlessly, and at a low price.  You can also set up an inventory threshold, in which whenever you're running low on some product, an order is automatically placed. 

Finally, Jinesh is the CEO and co-founder of UptimeHealth, a fast-growing software startup that helps dental practices understand their dental equipment and how to take care of it.

It works like this: they come to your practice and tell you what devices you own and how to keep them performing at optimum levels by doing daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly checks. 

If one of your devices breaks, they help you dispatch your technician, track how often things are breaking down, how much it's costing, and predict when you might have a future breakdown on a given device. 

Do you want to learn more?

Tune in to this week's episode to learn what makes these 3 startups so innovative and how they can help you scale your dental practice in 2022!

Key Takeaways 

  • The best companies to grow your practice in 2022 (00:00)
  • What makes these 3 startups so unique (03:37)
  • How Sleep Architects is helping dentists grow their practice (09:58)
  • Two ways you can scale your practice with VERENA Solutions (12:08)
  • The benefits of UptimeHealth’s equipment management tools (14:17)
  • How the pandemic changed the dental care industry (16:51)
  • The top trends in the dental space you should be watching in 2022 (25:47)

Additional Resources

Learn more about VERENA Solutions:

Learn more about UptimeHealth:

Learn more about Sleep Architects Inc:

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