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The Power of Intelligence: AI for Precision Care and Improved Patient Acceptance with Amreesh Khanna


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January 12, 2024

The Power of Intelligence: AI for Precision Care and Improved Patient Acceptance with Amreesh Khanna

AI in dentistry is gaining momentum. While most AI technologies revolve around imaging solutions, OraQ helps make clinical decisions through machine learning and digital automation. 

To talk all about it is today’s guest, Dr. Amreesh Khanna, a dentist and entrepreneur with 15+ years of clinical experience.

Dr. Amreesh is passionate about driving innovation in dental care through artificial intelligence and machine learning. He leads OraQ AI, a startup that’s revolutionizing ethical dental practice growth and patient care.

Imagine walking into a dentist's office where your care is personalized, not just based on what's visible but also what's predicted for your future dental health. That’s what OraQ is all about.

Amreesh shares how OraQ AI is not just about fixing problems; it's about proactive care and prevention. He also explains how it’s a game-changing tool for dental practices when it comes to boosting case acceptance. 

Other topics we discuss include:

  • AI integration in practice management systems
  • AI’s role in increasing transparency and patient understanding
  • The future of AI in dentistry

Are you curious to learn all about this groundbreaking and data-first approach that could transform patient experience in your practice?

Tune in now!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Dr. Amreesh Khanna (00:56)

What Is OraQ AI? (02:57)

Dr. Amreesh’s Journey as a Dentist & Interest in AI (05:44)

Leveraging AI in the Dental Industry With OraQ (11:49)

How OraQ AI Helps Boost Case Acceptance (20:03)

The Future of Dentistry & Quick Q&A (24:35)

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