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Stop Talking, Start Playing: Patient Education Through Dynamic Visuals with Dr. Ryan Morrison


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February 16, 2024

Stop Talking, Start Playing: Patient Education Through Dynamic Visuals with Dr. Ryan Morrison

Some dental treatments are hard to sell to patients. That’s a fact! 

Many patients will turn to Google, often finding incomplete information that doesn’t help them decide to get the treatment they need done. What if you could provide a video of the exact procedure while they’re still in your chair?

Today, we're diving into the innovative world of Teamworx Dental with founder Dr. Ryan Morrison.

Launched in 2022, Ryan has combined his dental expertise and desire to educate patients to create Teamworx Dental, a software designed to make treatment presentations quick and easy to understand through video, whether the patient is chairside or at home.

We explore how this platform makes it easier for patients to decide on treatment while also opening new avenues for attracting leads, making it a valuable tool for any dental practice looking to improve patient communication and increase acceptance rates.

Other things we discuss include: 

  • The importance of patient education in the dental industry.
  • Teamworx Dental’s features and capabilities.
  • Customization options Teamworx Dental
  • How the software seamlessly integrates into daily practice operations.

Plus, Ryan is giving all Raving Patients Podcast listeners a special gift in this episode. Don’t miss it! 

Tune in and discover how Teamworx Dental can benefit your practice and patients alike.

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Morrison’s Dental Journey & Founding of Teamworx Dental (00:57)

Teamworx’s Role in Patient Education (07:28)

Using Teamworx for Dental Marketing (20:36)

The Future of Teamworx & Cloud Integration (23:05)

A Special Promo for Raving Patients Podcast Listeners (25:46)

Quick Q&A (26:41)

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