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Smile Talk: Leveraging AI Insights for Dental Practice Growth With Breanna McMillen



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June 28, 2024

Smile Talk: Leveraging AI Insights for Dental Practice Growth With Breanna McMillen

Here’s a shocking fact: on average, most dental offices miss at least 30% of their incoming calls. 

Just imagine all the potential revenue slipping through the cracks just because your staff is too busy to address those calls.

Today, I’m bringing you a solution to this! 

In this episode, I sit down with Breanna McMillen, head of sales at Peerlogic, to find out how conversational AI can improve patient calls and transform dental practice revenue.

Breanna's 20-year journey in dentistry, from hygiene assistant to overseeing multi-location operations and later becoming a dental-specific myofunctional therapist before transitioning to the tech and sales leadership side of dentistry, make her a guest with a remarkable breadth of knowledge.

We go deep into how Peerlogic's conversational AI can streamline front office tasks and take call monitoring to the next level, securing fewer missed opportunities and more revenue generation. The technology listens to calls, identifies missed opportunities, and helps staff follow up efficiently, making it a revolutionary tool for front office operations for nearly every type of dental practice.

Breanna also shares:

  • The broader implications of AI in dentistry.
  • Common misconceptions about AI.
  • The difference between call tracking metrics & AI insights.
  • The exciting future developments at Peerlogic with responsive.

Listen now to learn how AI can help your practice capitalize on every single phone call!

PS. If you decide to sign up for Peerlogic, mention the Raving Patients Podcast to get 2 months free.

Key Takeaways:

Meet Breanna McMillen & What Peerlogic Is (00:00)

Practices that can benefit from Peerlogic & the importance of phone calls (04:09)

Breanna’s take on AI in dentistry (08:39)

The difference between AI insights and call tracking metrics (10:19)

Using AI to handle missed opportunities, call volume, and insurance (14:04)

The future of Peerlogic & reconnecting with missed calls (19:56)

Implementing Peerlogic in your dental practice & final thoughts (22:26)

Lightning Round Q&A With Breanna (26:10)

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