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Skills You Need To Become Less Insurance Dependant with High-End Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist, Dr. Andrew Turchin



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March 22, 2024

Skills You Need To Become Less Insurance Dependant with High-End Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist, Dr. Andrew Turchin

If you’re a PPO practice, you might be feeling the squeeze from decreasing insurance reimbursements.

Many hygiene-heavy family practices are in the same boat, struggling with the impact of insurance on their bottom line.

Today’s episode features Dr. Andrew Turchin, a master of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, who shares his journey from a bustling New York City practice to the slopes of Aspen, Colorado.

Andrew shares the perks of being an insurance-independent practice, emphasizing the importance of a diverse skill set, solid communication skills, effective marketing, and a clear differentiation in the marketplace.

We also discuss strategies for enhancing patient care, improving practice profitability, and maintaining a competitive edge — all while staying true to one's passions and lifestyle goals.

Additionally, we touch on:

  • The significance of high-quality dental photography.
  • The importance of giving patients all their options.
  • The value of continuing education for dental professionals.
  • Strategies for creating raving patients through exceptional service and care
  • Andrew’s approach to coaching.

Tune in for one-of-a-kind insights and actionable advice from one of the industry’s top cosmetic dentistry coaches.

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Andrew’s Move from New York to Aspen (02:49)

Insurance Independence & Andrew’s Business Model (05:17)

Marketing & Dental Photography (15:57)

Skills To Focus Less On Insurance & More On High-End Dentistry (20:48)

The ROI of Continuing Education & Andrew’s Courses (25:55)

Quick Q&A (34:17)

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