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Silent 'Killers' In Dentistry: 3 Hidden Risks You Should Know About 


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July 1, 2022

Silent 'Killers' In Dentistry: 3 Hidden Risks You Should Know About 

There's a specific issue that affects dental professionals daily, yet we seldom talk about: noise-induced hearing loss.

Much of the gear we use in the dental office is loud enough to cause severe health issues such as hypertension, cardiac conditions, and endocrine disruption after prolonged exposure.

Moreover, noise-induced hearing loss is not only a problem of high exposure to noise but a cumulative problem that only worsens with time.

It's concerning to see how as dentists, we have just accepted noise as a side effect of what we do for a living -  not understanding that this health hazard is entirely preventable and its effects permanent; when your hearing is gone, it's gone.

Medical literature has long considered noise-induced hearing loss a severe health risk for dental professionals: you can find about seven decades' worth of articles warning dentists about the dangers of noise exposure and urging them to do something about it. 

So, what can we do to prevent this risk?

Dr. Sam Shamardi, clinician, author, and dental entrepreneur, joins me today to discuss the noise exposure problem in dentistry and how to protect your hearing as a dental professional. He also shares his advice on overcoming two other issues plaguing dentists: financial struggles and low patient case acceptance.

Tune in to find out more!

Key Takeaways 

  • The silent 'killers' within dentistry (00:00)
  • Dr. Shamardi's background and journey (02:24)
  • The problem nobody in the dental space addresses (06:13)
  • How this technology can help you prevent hearing loss (10:47)
  • Why noise-induced hearing loss seldom receives attention (16:32)
  • Diving into Dr. Shamardi's book on financial advice for dental professionals (23:42)
  • Financial strategies all new dental professionals should know (26:08)
  • Lightning round questions (34:20)

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