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Reimagine Your Operations Manual & Revolutionize Team Management | Laura Johnston



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May 17, 2024

Reimagine Your Operations Manual & Revolutionize Team Management | Laura Johnston

The average amount spent on dental staff training is about $1,500 per person per year, which is a significant expense for small to mid-sized dental practice owners. 

But is all that expense really worth it when research shows that learners forget an average of 70% of the new information within 24 hours? 

Today, I’m sharing a better way to manage operations and train staff within your dental practice. 

I'm thrilled to introduce Laura Johnston, the innovative founder of My Dental SOP and a former consultant turned software developer. Laura has dedicated over 15 years to the dental industry, specializing in team management and dental practice SOPs.

Through her cloud-based software, My Dental SOP, Laura has transformed the way dental teams access and utilize Standard Operating Procedures, tackling the common, painful issues of training, staffing, and operational inefficiencies that so many practices face.

In this conversation, Laura shares everything you need to know about My Dental SOP, from what onboarding looks like to the role of its effective assessments and how it’s a great tool for minimizing staff turnover.

Additionally, we touch on the broader impacts of having an instantly accessible platform for SOPs and how it can:

  • Enhance team management
  • Streamline daily operations
  • And ensure that every team member is equipped to maximize growth opportunities.

Tune in to learn more about this exciting software! 

PS. If you’re seriously considering adding My Dental SOP into your practice’s operations, you can claim a 75% discount on the set-up fee before June ends! Find Laura’s contact information below under the Additional Resources section.

Key Takeaways:

Meet Laura Johnston & Her Software, My Dental SOP (00:00)

Onboarding My Dental SOP & How Your Teams Can Use It (06:39)

A Deeper Look Into My Dental SOP’s Features (12:44)

Who My Dental SOP Is Ideal For (19:04)

Key Benefits, Pricing, & Set Up For My Dental SOP (21:39)

Lightning Round Q&A With Laura (27:38)

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