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Predictable Profitable and Sustainable Results


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March 5, 2021

Predictable Profitable and Sustainable Results

On this episode of the Raving Patients Podcast, Len sits down with Douglas Sligting to discuss how a practice can build predictable, profitable, and sustainable results.


Takeaways from this episode include:

Subscription based marketing is the future of practice marketing.

How analytics can predict results and establish correct budgets

Correct reporting educes patient acquisition costs

Antiquated onboarding and diagnosis vs. intelligent analysis and empowering the practice.


The marketing must leverage the latest technology and be driven by intelligent analytics. Additionally, it should be comprehensive and cover: Online Visibility, Growth Campaigns, and The 7 Profit centers. 


• The latest technology - Automated data collection through Google, online public aggregates, and dynamic call tracking. This produces real-time, unbiased, and accurate reporting and diagnosis. 


• Intelligent Analytics - We follow the data from lead to confirmed patient. This data path allows us to use key metrics to predict future success and fine-tune current efforts to improve results and lower per-patient acquisition costs.


• Online Visibility - How easy is it for prospective patients to find you online including the quantity the quality of your reviews.


• Growth Campaigns - Campaigns that use intelligent data paths to ensure consistent profitable and predictable growth. 


• The 7 Profit Centers - Marketing is the key metric in determining the overall profitability of any practice. We provide solutions in each of the 7 profit centers: 1) Perceptions & Branding, 2) Phone conversion skills, 3) Patient referrals, 4) Ancillary sales, 5) Case acceptance, 6) Reactivation, 7) Insurance Management (Improving reimbursement rates)


Douglas Sligting is the founder and CEO of Ascent Practice Growth Strategies.  He has spent his entire 25-year career in marketing, working for national advertising agencies in addition to owning his own agency for 10 years before creating Ascent. Doug’s singular vision is to help dentists thrive in today’s evolving dental industry by focusing on a proactive, comprehensive, and strategic marketing approach.  


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