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Marketing Your Story: How Story-Telling Will Help You Grow Your Dental Clinic With Joshua Scott


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September 29, 2023

Marketing Your Story: How Story-Telling Will Help You Grow Your Dental Clinic With Joshua Scott

Believe it or not, traditional dental marketing doesn't attract new patients not because marketing doesn’t work but because your strategy doesn't accurately represent your practice.

When a patient lands on a templated website with stock photography and clunky design, they have nothing to connect with and they leave. 

And the opposite is also true. When your website is well curated, has great designs, and shows real-life photos of your practice, your prospective patients feel closer to you. 

Most importantly, your prospective patients feel like they know you better and that they can trust you. 

This is why your marketing strategy can make or break your dental practice and having the right one can save you (and make you) a lot of money.

To discuss this in more depth, I’ve invited a dental marketing expert on the podcast this week.

His name is Joshua Scott and he is the owner and CEO of Studio 8E8, a dentistry story-driven marketing agency.

Studio 8E8 was recently named a “Top Healthcare Marketing Agency in the United States” by Healthcare Business Review. Their mission is to create more authentic marketing by telling better stories.

This isn’t Joshua’s first time here as a guest, but for those who don’t know him, he is a marketing speaker and a consultant who has spent the last 21 years in the dental industry. 

Today, he’s here to discuss how to market your dental clinic better, what makes Studio 8E8 unique, the importance of story-telling in dental marketing, and more.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways: 

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Joshua (00:34)

What is Studio 8E8? (03:58)

What makes Studio 8E8 unique (10:42)

Free production for life (14:35)

The biggest advancements in dental marketing (24:49)

Q&A time (29:36)

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