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Leveraging Data To Boost Your Dental Marketing Strategies In 2022


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September 9, 2022

Leveraging Data To Boost Your Dental Marketing Strategies In 2022

Knowing and leveraging your data is crucial when developing a solid dental marketing strategy in 2022. However, many dentists don't keep track of essential KPIs, waste tons of money on useless marketing, and don't know how well their strategy is working. So, how can dentists leverage data to improve their marketing strategies?

The first step to generating more leads is understanding your cost per lead and how your dental marketing company might measure it. For instance, your marketing company might specify a cost per lead for your website by counting button clicks as potential leads reaching out to you. The problem is that 90% of them are not actual people, so this isn't valuable data to determine your actual cost per lead.

Instead, it's better to weed out these potentially false leads from your calculation and count only the real opportunities - actual people reaching out to you. From there, you need to measure your cost per acquisition. For example, if you spent $1,000 to get ten patients to call you, your cost per lead is $100. But then, if only five of those patients come into the office - your cost per acquisition is $200. 

In other words, the goal is to accurately determine how much it costs you to generate an opportunity and what it costs to drive in that patient. From there, you can start tracking precise KPIs and gain insight into how effective your marketing strategy currently is and areas where you could improve.

If you want to learn more, tune in to this week's episode of 'The Raving Patients Podcast'!

Gary Bird, Founder and CEO of SMC National, joins me to discuss how data can significantly boost your marketing strategies and increase patient growth.

SMC National is a dental marketing company that uses rigorous data analysis to help dentists optimize their marketing processes and gain valuable insight from their KPI records.

You'll learn what KPIs matter the most in dental marketing, the problem with most dental marketing companies, and how SMC is helping countless dentists scale their practice.

Key Takeaways 

  • Leveraging data to boost your dental marketing strategies (00:00)
  • Gary's background and how SMC National helps dental practices (02:47)
  • What KPIs matter most in dental marketing? (04:45)
  • The problem with marketing companies' tracking numbers (11:40)
  • How to stop wasting money on online marketing (16:32)
  • Red flags in dental marketing (21:38)
  • How to identify the best dental marketing companies (28:07)
  • How SMC National became one of the fastest growing companies (30:48)
  • Lightning round questions (32:59)

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Learn proven dental marketing strategies and online reputation management techniques at:

Learn more about SMC National:

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