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How to Save Big on Equipment for Your Practice By Using Data & AI | Yasin Abbak



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June 21, 2024

How to Save Big on Equipment for Your Practice By Using Data & AI | Yasin Abbak

In today's episode, we tackle a huge pain point for dentists: the sky-high prices for equipment. 

A not-so-widely-known fact is that there’s a dental tax on equipment. In other words, one machine will be much more expensive for a dentist than for a veterinarian.

But there’s an innovative tech platform that can help dental professionals find the best deals through data and AI, and today’s guest is going to share everything you need to know about it.

Yasin Abbak is the founder of GroupUps, a new-age DSO for independent businesses. He has an impressive background, having previously founded and sold a sports tech platform with over 1 million customers and a supply chain tech platform for independent restaurants. 

With GroupUps, Yasin is revolutionizing the way small dental practices purchase equipment by leveraging data and AI to negotiate better pricing and organize group purchases. His goal to empower independently owned businesses to make smarter decisions and operate more efficiently has the potential to create a big shift in the industry.

In our conversation, we talk about:

  • How GroupUps helps practices save money on dental equipment
  • Key strategies on when and how to negotiate
  • How to identify leverage points for effective bargaining
  • The long-term costs of overspending.

Ready to transform your purchasing power and secure the best deals for your practice? Tune in!

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Key Takeaways:

Meet Yasin Abbak & his company, GroupUps (00:00)

Yasin explains how GroupUps operates & leverages data & AI (06:50)

Getting better pricing on equipment & group purchasing (15:14)

The importance of avoiding overspending (23:01)

Negotiation tactics for dentists (26:17)

Get your FREE Rate My Quote analysis by GroupUps (29:30)

Lightning Round Q&A With Yasin (31:53)

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