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How To Reduce & Optimize Credit Card Processing Fees In Your Dental Practice


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April 7, 2023

How To Reduce & Optimize Credit Card Processing Fees In Your Dental Practice

Are you overpaying for credit card processing fees in your dental practice?

Merchant Cost Consulting is a cost reduction business that helps businesses lower their credit card merchant fees without the headache of switching providers, software, or banks.

Matt Rej, Partner at Merchant Cost Consulting, has over ten years of experience in the financial world, with the past seven years dedicated to payments. During his time in the industry, Matt unraveled the complexities of credit card processing fees and discovered that most dental practices are losing money in transaction fees. So, why is this happening?

Matt explains that trying to make sense of how the payment industry works can quickly get mind-bogglingly complex. But in essence, every time your dental practice processes a credit card transaction, several players take a cut of the transaction that's processed, including credit card companies, practice management software companies, and banks.

While most of the fees are not negotiable and transparency is often lacking, the good news is that you can do something about it - and here's where Merchant Cost Consulting comes in. In Matt's words:

"Our main focus is to help you reduce the excess stuff, the excess fat, the garbage that you shouldn't be being charged for your practice - leaving the interchange fees alone."

But how does the process work, and is there any other way to reduce credit card transaction fees? Fortunately for you, we discuss all about it in this week's episode of 'The Raving Patients Podcast'!

Matt joins me to share his expertise on the inner workings of the payment industry and how dental practices can reduce and optimize their costs. 

He also explains how Merchant Cost Consulting works, the fees dental practices should be aware of, and provides some practical tips on lowering them. Tune in to find out more!

Key Takeaways 

  • Intro (00:00)
  • How the payments industry works (06:02)
  • Fees that you should be aware of (10:53)
  • How dental practices can lower their fees (14:08)
  • How MCC's works (20:49)
  • Can dental practices pass off the credit card fees to the patient? (23:20)
  • Lightning round Q&A (29:56)

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