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How to Navigate the World of Dental Practice Management


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August 25, 2023

How to Navigate the World of Dental Practice Management

The common theme within the dental industry is a discrepancy between a dentist's clinical prowess and their business acumen. Regrettably, the average dentist tends to lack the comprehensive skill set required to excel as a proficient businessperson. 

Luckily in the dental world, we can still make a decent living even when not running a practice optimally.

While their dedication to patient care is undeniable, navigating the intricate landscape of business management often proves to be a challenging endeavor for many practitioners.

It is essential to acknowledge that dentistry, like any other profession, demands a multifaceted skill set to ensure not only clinical excellence but also the efficient management of a practice.

The majority of dentists receive rigorous training in the clinical aspect of their profession, yet the intricacies of financial management, marketing strategies, operational optimization, and patient satisfaction are frequently left unexplored.

My guest today, Dr. Addison Killeen, a successful dentist and entrepreneur based in Lincoln, Nebraska, shares his expertise in dental practice management.

Dr. Addison Killeen's insights shed light on the often-neglected business side of dentistry. With a deep understanding of both clinical and business aspects, he encourages dentists to adopt a holistic approach to practice management.

Dr. Killeen discusses his journey in dentistry, his passion for improving practice operations, and his newly released book, "The Dental Front Office Manual."

This comprehensive manual, part of a series of dental management resources authored by Dr. Killeen, delves into essential strategies for enhancing Front Office efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Tune in to learn more!

Key Takeaways

Meet Dr. Addison Killeen (01:56)

The power of raving patients (10:53)

Dental Success Network (13:00)

Dental Success Institute (14:49)

Front Office Manual Book (16:43)

How to make more money in your practice (23:22)

How to cut expenses in your practice (23:58)

Know your numbers (27:29)

Quick Q&A (31:20)

Additional Resources:

Dr. Addison Killeen's Books on Amazon: 

Dr. Addison Killeen's Website: 

Dental Success Network:


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