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How To Get 1,500 Google Reviews in Just 2 Years With Dr. Andrew Vallo


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December 8, 2023

How To Get 1,500 Google Reviews in Just 2 Years With Dr. Andrew Vallo

Unlock the door to a bustling dental practice by prioritizing a simple yet often overlooked aspect of your marketing strategy — client reviews. 

Reviews are a handy tool that gets can easily be ignored when it comes to dental marketing. Either there’s no time to ask for them, or you or your team might be hesitant about it. 

To talk all about is this week’s guest, Dr. Andrew Vallo, a dentist and owner of two growing startups. He spills the secrets of how his dental practices have garnered an impressive 1,500 Google reviews in just two years.

This engaging conversation with Dr. Vallo reveals the pivotal role Google Reviews play in startup success. Discover why a 5-star review starts with a 5-star patient experience and how consistent systems make all the difference.

Dr. Vallo also shares actionable insights and his strategy for using automation without sounding automated, ensuring your requests for reviews resonate with patients and don’t get forgotten.

Other key insights you’ll get include,

  • Tricks and advice for creating a 5-star patient experience
  • Automation tips
  • The art of getting raving patients
  • The importance of responding to reviews

If you're struggling to attract new patients, this episode has all the intel that can help you transform your dental practice. Learn the art of creating raving patients and the power of genuine reviews. 

Tune in now and take the first step towards skyrocketing your practice's online reputation.

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Dr. Andrew Vallo (00:48)

Dr. Andrew’s startup journey (01:52)

Why Google Reviews are important for dental startups (03:41)

How Dr. Andrew curated his new patient experience (06:55)

Automation software for obtaining reviews (15:11)

The importance of investing in marketing (29:21)

Quick Q&A (31:37)

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