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How Health-Based Dentistry Can Grow Your Practice with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen


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January 26, 2024

How Health-Based Dentistry Can Grow Your Practice with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Dental care is evolving — are you ready to change with it? Let’s learn about health-based dentistry.

There’s a growing industry trend to adopt alternative solutions, but it comes with many misconceptions. It stems from the increasing awareness of the safety of certain ingredients and materials used in mainstream dentistry.

In today’s episode, I’m exploring the fascinating world of health-based dentistry with my guest, Dr. Michelle Jorgensen. She's not just any dentist; Dr. Jorgensen is a trailblazer in alternative dentistry, a field that connects oral health directly with overall wellness.

We talk about what health-based dentistry really is and how it creates more trust with patients. Dr. Jorgensen also shares her insights on the significant role dentists play in not just treating teeth, but also in impacting overall health.

She brings a unique perspective, having transitioned her practice to this holistic approach, and discusses the profound effects it has had on her patients' lives.

This episode is packed with practical advice for dental practitioners, such as:

  • How to integrate health-based services into your practice.
  • The benefits of a health-based approach. 
  • Where to find training materials.
  • How to get listed in a dentist directory for this type of service. 

If you're a dental professional with a growing demand for natural alternatives or are simply curious about how oral health ties into your overall well-being, this episode is a must-listen.

Tune in to learn how health-based dentistry can grow your practice!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Dr. Michelle Jorgensen & Mercury Poisoning Diagnosis (02:24)

All About Health-Based Dentistry & Its Benefits (17:13) 

How to Integrate Health-Based Dentistry Into Your Practice (23:38)

Dr. Michelle’s Final Thoughts (31:33)

Quick Q&A (34:07)

Additional Resources:

Connect with Dr. Michelle: 






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