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Grow Your Practice Effortlessly With These 3 Instagram Marketing Tips | Gina Marcus


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November 25, 2022

Grow Your Practice Effortlessly With These 3 Instagram Marketing Tips | Gina Marcus

With so much going on inside a dental practice on any given day, it's easy to forget about updating your social media accounts. 

Moreover, Instagram marketing is a very competitive field when it comes to dental practices, and inaction can quickly render you irrelevant. So, what are some Instagram marketing best practices dental professionals can adopt?

As mentioned above, the very first step to improving your Instagram marketing is to be aware of the importance of staying active and posting regularly - daily if possible. It might sound like a lot, but it's the best way to let your followers - and potential patients - stay up to date with what's going on in your practice. 

This leads us to the next important step in Instagram marketing: engagement. It's not just about posting for the sake of it. Let's face it; nobody wants to see the dull content of a sterile dental practice. So, make sure to post quality, fun content. 

For example, creating funny Instagram reels about what happens in your practice every day is a fantastic way to keep your followers engaged. If your followers feel that your dental practice is a fun, joyful place, they'll be much more likely to consider it over other alternatives when looking for dental treatment. 

Finally, Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your dental treatments. Sharing a patient's success story or before/after comparisons can go a long way. So, make sure to integrate that into the content you post.

If you want to learn more Instagram marketing tips, tune in to this week's episode of 'The Raving Patients Podcast'!

I welcome Gina Marcus, DMD, and experienced dentist, to discuss more Instagram marketing tips that will help you quickly and effortlessly scale your dental practice. 

You'll also learn how to engage your patients on Instagram, what type of content is the most effective, and how Instagram can help you boost case acceptance. We also discuss Gina's partnership with Invisalign and the NFL and how it has gotten her countless new patients.

Key Takeaways 

  • 3 Instagram marketing tips to boost practice growth (00:00)
  • Gina's background and journey (02:03)
  • What kind of posts on Instagram are more effective? (09:03)
  • How Instagram can help you attract more patients (13:22)
  • Gina's partnership with Invisalign and the NFL (15:20)
  • How do you promote botox in the office? (21:43)
  • Lightning round Q&A (25:48)

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