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Full Arch Dental Implants: Facts, Fiction, & How To Add It to Your Practice With Greg Essenmacher


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December 29, 2023

Full Arch Dental Implants: Facts, Fiction, & How To Add It to Your Practice With Greg Essenmacher

Ever felt overwhelmed by the complexities of full-arch dental implant treatments? Is that holding you back from implementing it in your dental practice?

In the world of dentistry, the full-arch dental implant treatment isn't just a procedure; it's a life-changer for countless patients.

For years, this transformative solution has been revolutionizing oral health care. However, in today's fiercely competitive landscape, with specialists, general dentists, and surgical centers all vying for patients, standing out is more challenging than ever.

The rising demand for such treatments, driven by increasing patient awareness, means more dentists are entering this field, all eager to make a difference.

Navigating this complex terrain requires more than just clinical expertise. It's about understanding the nuances of patient acquisition, profitability, and effective practice management. This is where Greg Essenmacher's mastery comes into play. 

As a leading expert in fixed full arch dentistry, Greg has a track record of elevating single-office practitioners into thriving implant practices, often growing into large group practices. His approach isn't just about solutions; it's about creating a synergy through cross-functional collaboration.

From refining team roles to coaching for lead calls and improving treatment planning, Greg's insights offer actionable steps to enhance your practice's ability to deliver full arch cases more efficiently, improving patient outcomes, and boosting your practice's financial health.

Ready to transform your dental practice and master full-arch dental implant treatments? Tune in! 

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Greg Essenmacher (00:50)

Full Arch Dentistry Marketing & Patient Acquisition (04:16)

Consistency in Branding and Experience (08:51)

Transitioning to Full Arch (13:36)

The Emotional Aspect of Full Arch Sales (22:09)

Investing in Full Arch Dentistry & Greg’s Consulting Strategies  (26:48)

Quick Q&A (32:49)

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