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Diamond Club Makers: Making More Profits by Becoming An Invisalign Diamond Provider


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November 17, 2023

Diamond Club Makers: Making More Profits by Becoming An Invisalign Diamond Provider

Are you a dentist looking for a competitive edge in the world of Invisalign?

Becoming an Invisalign Diamond Provider is what every dentist practicing Invisalign could hope for, but it’s not easy to achieve! 

Today, I’ve brought on a special guest to show you how — Michael Wollock.

Michael is an industry leader, recognized multiple times as one of the top Invisalign dentists in the country. He's the man behind a remarkable track record, having provided more Invisalign treatments than any other single dentist in North America for several years running, handling an impressive 600 to 700 cases per year.

But it doesn't stop there. Michael's involvement in several dentist organizations, including the board of the American Academy of Clear Aligners significantly influenced the growth of his dental practice. Today, he's here to share his journey and reveal what it takes to reach Invisalign Diamond status.

Join us as Michael recounts his path, from discovering Invisalign to managing hundreds of cases annually. We discuss his belief in Invisalign's competitive edge for independent dentists and how his students have witnessed an astounding 135% increase in cases within just six months after joining his Diamond Club Makers program.

In this insightful conversation, we also delve into:

  • Strategies for overcoming patient barriers
  • The importance of financing options
  • Michael's exclusive approach to supporting individual dentists 
  • Who is a good fit for the Diamond Club Makers course

Join us for this eye-opening discussion with Michael Wollock and gain invaluable insights from an industry authority who's making a significant impact in the world of Invisalign.

Ready to learn more about this transformative six-month (and fully remote) course? 

Tune in!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Michael Wollock (02:27)

How he grew his practice through Invisalign (04:44)

Charging less than others but making more (14:55)

How to qualify for Diamond Club status & take Invisalign to the next level (18:48)

What the Diamond Club Makers is (21:34)

How Michael’s price point for Invisalign is in the $4,000 range (26:12) 

Who Diamond Club Makers is for (30:46)

Quick Q&A (32:19)

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