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Dental Practice Management and Leadership With Ella Mullokandova: Transforming Teams Into Partners


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November 10, 2023

Dental Practice Management and Leadership With Ella Mullokandova: Transforming Teams Into Partners

Ever caught yourself doing more dental practice management instead of actual dental work? You’re not alone! Many dentists find themselves juggling administrative tasks along with patient care, resulting in more stress and diminishing customer satisfaction. 

However, running a dental practice comes with immense responsibility, so it's no surprise that many dentists become entangled in the daily to-dos. 

Effective dental practice management requires a strategic balance between streamlining operations and maintaining top-notch service. 

To help us get to the bottom of it, I’m bringing in Ella Mullokandova from Converge Dental, who will be sharing her strategies for training and enhancing collaboration within teams to create thriving dental practices. 

Ella brings over 20 years of experience as a dental hygienist and a restorative dental partner. Her insights make this episode indispensable for those seeking to boost their dental practice's success.

In this week’s episode, we delve into several business-revolutionizing areas. We emphasize the importance of investing in your team's training and exploring strategies to enhance collaboration and foster accountability within your practice. 

Additionally, we go over the profound impact that effective leadership within teams can have on your practice's bottom line. Throughout the conversation, you'll discover strategic approaches to boost practice maturity, optimize patient care, and revamp your practice's future.

We’re also touching on two essential components of running dental practice operations: simplification and communication. Doctors easily become overwhelmed by not implementing these in their teams and processes. That’s where the role of leadership comes in and the doctor’s involvement is paramount, especially in these two areas:

  • Calibrating your team on your treatment philosophy so they can make better decisions that align with your vision. 
  • Effectively communicating to your team how far they can take a patient down the diagnostic path.

An open dialogue will empower your employees, not only boosting their confidence but also the confidence your patients have in your practice. 

With systems, measurable KPIs, and best practices in place, your vision will become a reality and the business will flow seamlessly, leading to the growth you’re looking for. 

"When you have systems and processes in place, and your focus is on team alignment and employee skill and confidence, that's when your vision comes into reality. That's when things become less burdensome, and fluidity in the practice happens. And that's how we help practices grow." - Ella Mullokandova

Are you ready to get back to your patients without the overwhelming burden of management? Tune in to this episode now to learn how!

Ps. There’s a surprise near the end. Don’t miss it! 

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Ella (00:57)

How Converge Dental started (02:09)

The best way to set up a dental practice  (03:56)

Cultivating leadership in the practice (06:36)

How involved should the doctor be? (08:39)

Enhancing collaboration within a team (15:19)

KPIs & data intelligence (16:50)

The positive impact on the bottom line (23:15)

Quick Q&A (26:24)

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