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Could This A.I. Company Change Dentistry Forever?


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May 27, 2022

Could This A.I. Company Change Dentistry Forever?

With all the hype around AI, countless companies claim they're employing this technology - yet as a mere marketing gimmick. However, there's always an exception, and today I'm excited to introduce to you the first FDA-approved AI startup specializing in dentistry: Pearl.

They've developed the first AI-enabled dental X-ray, capable of detecting and identifying pathology, existing restorations, and natural anatomy in real-time.

This technology is known as 'second opinion'; its purpose is not to remove any autonomy on the practitioner's part but rather to function as an assistive device - calling areas of interest to your attention and helping you create a more comprehensive diagnosis. 

Conditions such as caries, early bone loss, periodical lesions, or calculus are easy to miss. Pearl's technology can help you improve your diagnosis's accuracy and effectiveness when dealing with these conditions, making it easier to decide whether you're going to treat the tooth clinically.

Another benefit of this tool is that it also acts as a potent patient communication device - it's much more effective to show a patient what's going on in their mouth by showing them an AI identification of the disease than pointing at gray blocks on a screen.

Of course, the technology isn't perfect. Still, just like a human mind, it improves over time. It also has different thresholds of certainty and uncertainty, which translate to improved sensitivity and specificity when diagnosing.

Ultimately, this is a tool designed to work in tandem and in partnership with a practitioner - not to replace their read of radiography.

Do you want to learn more about how this AI technology could change the dental industry forever?

Ophir Tanz, CEO of Pearl, joins me to explain why their technology has the potential to elevate the standard of clinical care for every patient in the world. We discuss how this technology works, its capabilities and limitations, and the future of AI in dentistry.

Tune in now to learn more!

Key Takeaways 

  • How AI will change dentistry forever (00:00)
  • Ophir’s background in tech and AI (01:51)
  • What makes Pearl unique in the dental space? (07:44)
  • How AI works and its potential applications in clinical care (08:57)
  • The significance of Pearl’s FDA clearance (15:19)
  • How AI will benefit dental practices (19:15)
  • The future of AI in dentistry (26:09)
  • Lightning round questions (33:38)

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