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Changing Lives, Transforming Practices With Melinda Heryford-Elston


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October 13, 2023

Changing Lives, Transforming Practices With Melinda Heryford-Elston

Growing your practice and keeping your team motivated and dedicated takes a lot of work and effort. 

Having the right vision, working with the right people, and most importantly, basing your practice management on the right pillars is what’s going to ensure practice success.

This is because when your team is aligned behind one single vision and your systems are smooth and predictable, new patients that come into the practice will turn into lifelong patients and your existing patients will also become lifelong patients.

Someone who knows a lot about this subject is none other than this week’s guest on the podcast (and a dear friend of mine), the brilliant Melinda Heryford-Elston.

Melinda is a coach and consultant in the dental industry. She works with dentists and dental practice owners who want to grow their clinics and get their teams to perform at their best on a daily basis. 

As a team trainer, Melinda helps dental teams learn how to get behind a common goal and work together better. 

Melinda has clocked more than 11,000 coaching hours in Practice Systems and Success Principles. 

Her clients often share that thanks to her, they are more focused, see more commitment in their staff, and are more energized, which ultimately creates a plan for a more rewarding practice. 

In this episode, Melinda will be discussing the five pillars for practice success, the importance of predictability over perfection, why 20% of your effort generates 80% of your results, and more.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways: 

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Melinda (00:53)

Melinda’s work (03:47)

20% of your efforts generates 80% of your results (08:25)

Setting your goals efficiently (13:59)

Predictability vs perfection (18:06)

The value of vision and values (22:12)

Removing your bottlenecks (24:29)

Quick Q&A (26:43)

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