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Building a Million-Dollar Dental Membership Plan for Massive Recurring Revenue | Jordon Comstock


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February 9, 2024

Building a Million-Dollar Dental Membership Plan for Massive Recurring Revenue | Jordon Comstock

Are unpredictable earnings affecting your dental practice? Discover a proven solution here! 

Today’s episode features a conversation with Jordon Comstock. He’s the CEO of BoomCloud, a software platform that helps dental practices build and scale robust dental membership programs.

Having been in the industry since 2006, Jordon is an expert in reshaping dental practices with innovative membership plans. While this sales model isn’t widely used in dentistry, he delivers a fresh perspective on patient retention and the financial strategy behind it.

While we zero in on creating a sustainable and profitable dental practice in this episode, Jordon shares his insights on building a million-dollar membership plan, which not only boosts revenue but also revolutionizes patient care and loyalty. By adopting this financial model, dental practices can guarantee themselves a steady income stream.

We also explore creative membership plan offerings, discussing how they cater to various patient needs and demographics. Jordon also emphasizes the importance of data-driven strategies for pricing in the process of producing affordable yet profitable plans.

So to wrap up, here’s what you’ll get out of this episode: 

  • How to build a million-dollar membership plan specifically for your practice
  • Different types of membership plans
  • Growth strategies for selling your membership plans
  • An understanding of why membership patients are profitable

Tune in to learn all about dental membership plans and how they can transform your dental business model for success.

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Jordon Comstock and His Company, BoomCloud (01:24)

Recognizing the Need for a Membership Plan (04:23)

All About Creating Membership Plans (06:00)

Promotion Strategies & Membership Psychology (18:49)

BoomCloud’s Pricing Structure (29:25)

Quick Q&A (32:00)

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