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Brace for Impact: Smiles and Stories in the Social Sphere with Janelle Baum



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July 5, 2024

Brace for Impact: Smiles and Stories in the Social Sphere with Janelle Baum

Are you creating quality video content for your practice? Chances are, you’re not doing it enough!

Short-form video content has been on the rise for quite a few years now. So, now, more than ever, dental practices have to lean into this tool to boost patient engagement and compliance.

But how do you create content that goes beyond just basic information?

Today's guest is here to share all about it. 

Janelle Baum is a cutting-edge orthodontic influencer that's using the power of social media and video content to transform dental practices  —  and businesses in general, too.

With over seven years of experience as an orthodontic treatment coordinator and a background in theater and improv, Janelle delivers a one-of-a-kind approach to patient interactions. It starts by using short, engaging videos to inform and entertain patients at different stages of their journey, boosting case acceptance, helping them know what to expect before an appointment, and everything they need to follow during their treatment.

We also cover:

  • How medical professionals can humanize themselves through short-form videos.
  • How to make patients feel more at ease with procedures.
  • Why practice owners should actively involve patients in social media content creation.
  • How to boost patient compliance.
  • The importance of a vibrant office culture
  • Feedback systems like Avius tablets for getting honest reviews from children. 

If you're looking to stand out with video content, this is the episode to listen to. Tune in!

Key Takeaways:

Meet Janelle Baum & her start as a treatment coordinator (00:00)

How Janelle helps orthodontic offices (05:34)

Cultivating a vibrant office culture (11:33)

Who in the dental practice should be doing the videos (17:02)

Social media as a growth engine for dental practices (21:14)

Video campaigns for enhanced patient engagement (25:32)

A full breakdown of Janelle’s services (30:45)

Lightning Round Q&A With Janelle (35:03)

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