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All About Dental Financing: Boosting Case Acceptance Through Payment Plans With Andy Cahoy


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December 22, 2023

All About Dental Financing: Boosting Case Acceptance Through Payment Plans With Andy Cahoy

Did you know today's consumers expect more than just quality dental care? They want flexible and accessible payment options too!

Payment plans are an emerging trend reshaping the dental industry, making it crucial for dental practices to adopt innovative financing solutions that cater to evolving patient needs.

With a significant portion of the American population unable to handle a sudden $500–$1,000 expense, dental practices need to rethink their approach to treatment cost presentation and financing options. 

To dive deeper into this subject is this week’s guest Andy Cahoy, the Chief Revenue Officer of Cherry Technologies, a leading patient financing company for dental practices.

We start off exploring the transformative role of payment plan technology in dental practices. We also talk about how offering well-structured payment plans is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to meet consumer expectations and significantly boost case acceptance rates.

But it's not just about having any payment plan in place — Andy also sheds light on the vital aspects that practices should consider when selecting a financing provider.

From the hidden traps of deferred interest plans to the importance of technology in streamlining the payment plan application process, we cover it all when it comes to financing options for dental practices.

Other highlights include: 

  • The benefits of soft credit checks
  • Jaw-dropping statistics on patient behavior
  • How presenting treatment costs can influence patient decisions

This episode is packed with actionable insights on leveraging financing strategies to enhance patient satisfaction and drive practice growth.

We also touch on how Cherry works and its three-pillar method for presenting payment plans to practices and patients.  

Ready to boost your case acceptance through smart dental financing solutions? Tune in now! 

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Andy Cahoy (01:03)

Importance of Payment Plans in Dental Practices (05:25)

Common Practice Goals That Payment Plans Help Fulfill (08:31)

The Pitfalls of Deferred Interest in Medical Credit Cards (10:34)

Cherry Technologies’ Quick Application Process (18:17)

Perks of Offering Payment Plans to Boost Case Acceptance (26:27)

Quick Q&A (29:25)

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