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8 Must-Haves For An Engaging & Profitable Dental Website In 2023 | Ted Kozel


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December 9, 2022

8 Must-Haves For An Engaging & Profitable Dental Website In 2023 | Ted Kozel

Are you struggling with your online dental marketing?

It's no secret that dental marketing is a very competitive field - failing to develop effective marketing strategies can quickly render your dental practice irrelevant. Fortunately, it's not too late to step up your dental marketing game and stand out from the pack!

When it comes to dental marketing, your website is the most critical aspect you should be paying attention to. Of course, having a well-designed, sleek, and engaging website is an obvious requirement. But in a fast-moving and competitive environment, this isn't enough anymore.

For your website to work, you need to be doing SEO. Your social media game needs to be great. You must respond to reviews quickly, play with all of Google's tools and leverage them effectively.

Another vital aspect of successful dental websites that dentists often overlook is accessibility, which is designing a website that is easy to navigate, look at and read. In fact, being aware of accessibility when building websites is becoming increasingly crucial. It's something that will definitely grow, and there'll probably be some rules around it.

In this regard, it's helpful to look at how big tech companies approach accessibility. Buying things on Amazon is easy. Ordering coffee on the Starbucks app is easy. So, a good idea is to follow the example of big companies when thinking about an effective website that truly converts and grows your practice.

If you want to learn more, tune in to this week's episode of 'The Raving Patients Podcast!'

Ted Kozel, Director of Healthcare Sales of Socius Marketing, joins me to discuss the top five things a successful dental website should have. We also discuss best practices regarding dental SEO, how to improve your ranking on Google, and more.

Key Takeaways 

  • 8 must-haves for a successful dental website (00:00)
  • Ted's background in dental marketing (01:42)
  • A simple guide to website design for dentists (07:18)
  • The one critical thing your website should have. (10:35)
  • Are transparency and reporting in online marketing important? (19:32)
  • What to always keep in mind when creating content? (25:12)
  • How often do blogs come up in the search results? (27:48)
  • Lightning round Q&A (32:52)

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