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7 Ways To Grow Your Dental Practice in 2022


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April 1, 2022

7 Ways To Grow Your Dental Practice in 2022

Understanding what worked in 2021 and what didn't will tremendously help practices and office managers plan for 2022. 

With a lingering pandemic and the surge of various covid variants, dental practices face challenges such as increasing conversion rates and maintaining staffing levels. So, what strategies can practice owners adopt to step up to the plate?

Nadeem Kassam, Founder and CEO of dental marketing agency Connect the Doc, joins me today to discuss the seven best strategies to adopt in 2022 to grow your practice, including how to conduct a financial audit and the key metrics you should be tracking.

Some examples of these metrics include expenses, production by month, number of new patients, and ROI performances; auditing your practice can help you identify leaks in the business and find out the areas you can improve.

However, you should also know that before going through the song and dance of auditing, you should estimate how much money (and time) you're willing to invest to solve the problems.

Now, let's assume you already know this estimate and have also determined the critical indicators for the practice. What comes next?

At this point, you should be able to answer questions such as: which treatments are generating the most amount of return? In which months? Which patients are most likely to be coming into the office?

Determining this vital information will help you have a much clearer perspective on where you should be heading your marketing efforts to increase production and the number of patients coming into your practice.

If you want to learn more practice growth strategies, tune in to this week's Raving Patients Podcast episode!

We also discuss the consumer decision-making process, how to attract and maintain employees, and how you can leverage technology in your practice to create a fantastic patient experience.

Key Takeaways 

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Nassam's background and entrepreneurial journey (02:17)
  • How to grow your practice: Step # 1 (06:46)
  • Step # 2: Creating a revenue timeline (08:20)
  • Step# 3: Know your production per service (10:44)
  • Step #4: Attracting and maintaining employees (16:31)
  • Step #5: How to approach marketing (19:07)
  • Step #6: Creating an excellent patient experience (22:37)
  • Step #7: Leveraging technology (25:58)
  • Marketing trends and observations for 2022 (27:12)

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