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5 Ways Dental Marketing Companies Are Taking Advantage Of You


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January 20, 2023

5 Ways Dental Marketing Companies Are Taking Advantage Of You

Dental marketing is tricky, complex, and strategic. Unfortunately, many dental professionals don't take the time to learn the fundamentals, and marketing companies know this. So, how can you tell whether a dental marketing company is actually effective or just taking advantage of you?

It's no secret that many marketing companies use various tactics to take advantage of dentist practices. One of them is using a single tracking number across multiple websites, including Facebook, Google, My Business, you name it… This falsely credits the marketing company for patient referrals generated through other means. 

Using the same tracking number on every site does not mean you're tracking anything. Tracking numbers are supposed to be tied to individual campaigns, and using the same number everywhere completely defeats the purpose of using them.

This is a clear way that marketing companies try to take advantage of dentists by claiming credit for leads that may have come from other sources. Dentist practices should be aware of these tactics and take steps to protect their interests.

One solution to this problem is using dentist practices’ regular phone numbers, especially on their Google Business Profile, to ensure consistency across all sites. This way, the name, address, and phone number citation index is accurate and will prevent a disconnection with the listings.

Another common way that marketing companies take advantage of dentist practices is by providing templated websites that are not unique to the practice.

These companies often make it seem like the dentist is getting a custom website, but in reality, it's just a template with generic content that's been used multiple times before. They charge exorbitant fees, but the dentist is not getting anything of value in return.

This kind of website is often built on a proprietary platform, meaning clients cannot take their website with them if they decide to leave the marketing company. This way, the dentists are essentially renting poor websites, and when they leave the marketing company, they don't get anything in return - no value for their investment.

Mind-blowing, isn’t it?! 

If you want to learn more examples of how some marketing companies take advantage of dentists (and what to do about it), tune in to this week's episode of ''The Raving Patients Podcast,'' where Rusty Curtis and I are unpacking the topic for you! (Some of the examples are really eye-opening, I promise.)

Rusty is the founder of DentalCMO and has helped hundreds of dentists across the globe drive billions in revenue into their practices. He is also an acclaimed speaker with ample experience in dental marketing.

We'll also share a simple framework that will give you a deep understanding of marketing - empowering you to make better decisions for your practice.

Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways 

  • Five ways dental marketing companies are taking advantage of you (0:00)
  • Who is Rusty Curtis? (02:30)
  • The number one metric for success for dental marketing (04:36)
  • Why you need to know the type of patient you want to attract (05:49)
  • Dental marketing companies' red flags (14:24)
  • Best way to create a website (17:13)
  • Why many dentists struggle with marketing (20:04)
  • The importance of video marketing in dentistry (26:24)
  • Lightning round Q&A (30:01)

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