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10 Things NOT To Do When You’re Hiring for Your Dental Practice | Allison Norris



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June 7, 2024

10 Things NOT To Do When You’re Hiring for Your Dental Practice | Allison Norris

Hiring is hard, but hiring non-clinical staff for dental practices is harder.

If you've been using employment websites, you know by now that half the candidates are unqualified and several will end up ghosting you. The result is limited options, leading dental practices to recruit subpar employees that won’t stay for long. 

So, how can you find and retain team members that truly align with your practice’s culture and values? The answer is in this episode!

Today’s guest is Allison Norris, the founder and CEO of The Dentele Group, LLC and a former dental hygienist. She left clinical dentistry in 2018 to pursue a non-clinical career, which eventually led to starting her recruiting agency that specializes in placing candidates into non-clinical roles.

In this episode, Allison and I talk about the dos and don'ts for effective dental practice recruitment, particularly for non-clinical positions

Allison also goes into detail on:

  • The importance of a strong online reputation.
  • How to craft compelling job postings. 
  • How thorough candidate screenings guarantee a perfect fit.
  • The impact of online reviews and reputation when it comes to hiring.
  • A look inside how her agency approaches the hiring process for its clients.

If staff turnover has been a challenge for you, this episode is packed with actionable advice to get better results in your recruiting efforts! Tune in to learn how to find the perfect team.

PS. Allison is offering 10% off on her recruiting services to all Raving Patients Podcast listeners. Just reach out to her and say you heard the offer here!

Key Takeaways:

Meet Allison Norris & How She Got Into Recruiting (00:00)

Successfully Recruiting The Right Person Through Allison’s Service (04:44)

Negative Employer Reviews on Hiring Websites (12:35)

The Importance of Creating Great Job Descriptions (17:19)

What To Do When An Ex-Employee Retaliates (22:14)

Lightning Round Q&A With Allison (25:02)

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